With our company

With our company

Cambodia - Vietnam Insurance Plc (CVI) was incorporated in Cambodia on 24th July 2009 and licensed as an approved general insurer on 02nd September 2009 under the Insurance Law of the Kingdom of Cambodia dated 20th June 2000.

CVI has the strongly supported financial from 4 shareholders. I.D.C.C (Cambodian Investment and Development Co., Ltd); D.I.D (Diamond Island Development Co., Ltd; Goodness Investment Co., Ltd and Kasimex Co., Ltd

DID is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Canadia Bank Plc was established on 11th November 1991 as “Canadia Gold & Trust Corporation Ltd.”, joint-venture between Cambodian - Canadians and the National Bank of Cambodia (Central Bank of Cambodia)

IDCC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) which is one of the top-performing banks in the Republic of Vietnam.

BIDV, within its group, encompasses Insurance and banking business in the Republic of Vietnam, the Republic of Laos, Kingdom of Cambodia, and the Republic of Czech.

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Vision and Objective


Our vision is to be a Leader in Cambodia insurance market, contribute to the development and prosperity of Cambodia’s economy as well as promote the long-term friendship and cooperation between two countries Cambodia and Vietnam.

CVI enters the Cambodian market with an objective to enhance the overall industry by being the leader in service and product quality. With our experienced and passionate staff and management team, we are dedicated and committed to customer service and product quality which is second to none in Cambodia.


Inheriting decades of reputation, success, and experience of the founders, CVI will offer the most convenient package of Banking-Finance-Insurance services for customers in Cambodia. Our products and services are designed to meet all customer’s requirements. CVI commit to bringing the best benefit to customers by the way of minimizing the financial risks and ensuring the safety of their properties. Professionally for all of our commitments, our slogan is: “Your belief, our responsibility”.

CVI focuses on its core strength in the general insurance market and is committed to its corporate mission to provide customers with international standard products and services supported by the prudent technical and financial strength of the BIDV group of business.

CVI’s primary growth strategy is to focus on contributing to the long-term development and prosperity of Cambodian Economy and International Friendship and Cooperation between Cambodia and Vietnam.

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