“The success of our business is built on the contributions of our highly talented employees around the world – people who work every day to position us at the forefront of the insurance industry.”
Looking for a job in the insurance industry?
Now is the time to find a job in the insurance industry in Cambodia. The industry is still beginning and is slowly developing. This is evidenced by the number of foreign companies that have entered the country after Cambodian Insurance started to allow private institutions to sell insurance. The new regulations will foster a high level of job creation. Most job vacancies will be for life, especially in the car and general insurance categories. As a result, the demand for specialties like agents, representatives, and examiners will increase.
Careers on offer
There are two main job functions within the insurance industry, underwriting, and investment. Both of which serve an equally important role, however, these two positions are not alone and are supported by several other important segments. The industry offers job positions related to sales, which includes all the agents and brokers that sell and advise on different kinds of insurance (life, property, automotive), administrative and support staff, as well as legal advisors and accounting positions.