Covid-19 consortium

On 25 August 2020, CVI has attended the Signing Ceremony of MOU on Covid 19 Insurance Consortium, CVI is proud to be a member of the Consortium to contribute to the implementation of the Government’s regulation on Covid-19 prevention for foreigners entering Cambodia.

There are 9 company members participating in this insurance consortium . According to the government’s requirement that all foreign travelers enter Cambodia must buy Covid-19 insurance, so based on the needs from the government on the 25th of August the Finance ministry collaborated with the Insurance Association of Cambodia to form an Insurance program named ” Covid-19 Insurance Consortium”.

As Mr. Ros Seilava, an Under- secretary of State at the Finance Ministry said:’“Insurers will provide COVID-19 health insurance for any client who tested positive for COVID-19 and they will be treated at a hospital designated by the Ministry of Health until fully recovered ,” The insurance company will be responsible for treatment costs, with cover up to $50,000.

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