Insurance Day

On the morning of July 24, 2020, the Insurance and Pensions Department, the General Department of Financial Industry of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the insurance regulator of Cambodia as well as Cambodia Vietnam Insurance Plc participated in facilitating the charity program from 24 insurance institutions in Cambodia to the Kantha Bopha Foundation of Cambodia.

It should be reminded that “Insurance Day” was held for the first time on July 25, 2019 in order to promote the growth of the Cambodian insurance market and help raise public awareness, as well as encourage institutions. Insurance that operates its business with good governance as well.

Currently, the insurance sector is moving forward with resilience, which is the result of the energetic joint efforts of all stakeholders. In fact, so far, Cambodia has 16 general insurance companies, 13 life insurance companies and 5 small insurance companies engaged in doing business in Cambodia.

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